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* Actress & Model - Linda Wang
Dennis A. Amith interviews Linda Wang: 1

A: TYPE OF RICE COOKER YOU USE: I have been using "TATUNG TAC-8G," for closed to 5 years, which was "Made in Taiwan."

B: HOW MANY TIMES YOU EAT RICE (Days in the week): (Laughter) This Chinese gal gotta have it at least once a week!

C: WHICH METHOD DO YOU USE TO COOK RICE (Finger, Palm, knuckle, Cup, rice cooker mark method): I use the enclosed "Plastic Rice Cooker measurement kit.

D: WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO EAT WITH YOUR RICE: Mostly Asian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese (Sashimi) dishes.

E: WHICH BRAND OF RICE DO YOU PREFER TO EAT: Usually Asian "sticky" self steamed/cooked/boiled/fried "Calrose" rice and/or Taiwanese "Pong Lai" Rice.

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