SAMURAI X: TRUST (OAV 1-2) (1999)
DVD reviewed by Dennis A. Amith
RATING: 18 and over
DURATION: 60 minutes
TYPE OF ANIME:  Samurai, Violence

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Anime Synopsis:

Nineteenth century Japan: a land torn by warfare and rebellion where small bands of soldiers seek to overthrow the tyrannical Tokugawa Shogunate. Enter Kenshin, a young orphan whose fighting skills were honed by the great swordsman Hiko. But Kenshin’s soul is embattled much like the killing fields of Japan, his hopes for a new world peace at odds with his life of blood and killing. His world is thrown into further confusion by the arrival of a mysterious woman named Tomoe. Her kindness and attention show him a kind of life he didn’t know existed. Can she help the assassin become a real man? Or does she hide a secret that could destroy everything he has come to depend on? Join the battle and discover the enemy within.


• Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)
• Color, Animated, HiFi Sound
• Historical Background Notes
• Character Notes
• Full-screen format

KNOWN DVD SECRET(S): None that I know of


Forget everything you saw from the tv series "Rurouni Kenshin".  This OAV (Original Animated Version/Direct to video) series is based on Japanese feudal history but using Kenshin to make a fictional story.  For those who are familiar with the Tokugawa period and the life of the Samurai, it's not a beautiful time.  In fact when you watch this anime you will immediately notice how violent this anime is compared to it's light-hearted, humorous counterpart (tv series).  

Needless to say, if you don't like to watch violent samurai battles, you may want to pass on the OAV series.

As for me, I have studied Japanese history and I'm always intrigued by it.  "Samurai X: Trust" is the first two OAV's which features the history of Kenshin and how he became a master of the sword.  Also, the introduction of many key characters who Kenshin trusts.

The series will catch your attention but will make you think about how horrible and barbaric feudal Japan can be during war.  The anime is just simply beautiful and fluid.

As for the DVD, like most anime on DVD...hardly any special features.  It does come with an introduction to the characters and a little on the history of Japan and trailers but that's just it.  At least it has this much, most anime DVD's have zilch.

The "Rurouni Kenshin" series was meant for people to watch the TV series first and think of the OAV as a series for adults. If you start out with the OAV series and then watch the TV series, you may feel disappointed.  Remember, the TV series can't exactly show all that violence to the children.  Otherwise an awesome anime OAV series.

THE OAV 1-2: A 

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