THE PING PONG CLUB: Loser's Club (Volume 4) (1992)
DVD reviewed by Dennis A. Amith

RATED: 16 and Up
DURATION: 180 minutes

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Anime Synopsis:

Just because you're the biggest geek on campus doesn't mean you can't get the girl. And Maeno, the club's sorest loser, intends to prove it - by cooking up a scheme to play Doctor with every girl in school! But instead of helping, his teammates compete over who can be the shrimpiest guy, proving to the world that "Loser" is more than just a name - it's a way of life.


Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)
 Color, Animated / Character Information / Software Sculptors video trailers

KNOWN DVD SECRET(S): None that I know of

When I saw this DVD at a local electronics store, I was shocked!  Why?  It's because this anime is very perverted.  No, it's not hentai (adult anime) and it's not anything like those type of anime.  

Think of it as mixing "South Park" with the perverted jokes that you hear in the locker room.  Juvenile humor at it's best with plenty of fart jokes, mooning and an extra load of perverted humor.  That's what "The Ping Pong Club" is about.  So, if you don't like this type of humor...stay away!

For those familiar with Japanese television shows, think of it as a live version of "Giragameshu".

I first heard about this series a few years ago through my friends and a female friend from Japan collected the manga and I just remembered how interesting the character designs were for the anime.   I also remembered how interesting this anime after watching the episode, so once I saw this DVD for sale, I asked myself this question: "Is America ready for The Ping Pong Club"?  I guess this remains to be seen.

The story is about a group of interesting individuals who are members of a Ping Pong Club.  The stories feature the lecherous duo Maeno and Izawa who are perverted but have an ability disguising themselves.  These guys are truly off the wall.  Then the other members.  One is a guy who has a problem with body odor and a belly button with an extreme outtie, the president is your normal guy who likes the beautiful but overly tough girl of the club, then there is the short member with a big head who likes to get his thrills from animals and the playboy of the group.  Each make up the "Ping Pong Club".

This series really is off-the-scale perverted humor and what do you know, it's available in the US and on DVD but the weird thing is, Software Sculptors released this DVD not from episode 1 but starting at TV episode 23 through episode 34.

Yes, television episodes and most likely shown late night.

Well, don't worry...the show doesn't necessarily have a typical anime series plot.  Each episode is different.

The episodes are similar to the "Urusei Yatsura" and "Crayon Shin Chan" series.  Each half hour episode contains a total of two 15-minute episodes.

So, what kind of humor will you find in these episodes?

One episode has Maeno and Izawa helping an elderly ventriloquist after they busted his doll.  So, Maeno is forced to disguise himself as a doll and together with the ventriloquist performs at a local school of young kids.  Unfortunately, Maeno's perverted mind kicks in.

Another episode features the group trying to find their missing membership dues.  Someone in the club took the money but what this member is using the stolen money for is shocking.

Again, this anime is not hentai.  There is quite a bit of nudity and fart jokes, so you know where this anime is going.

As for the DVD, it features a trailer, title free OP credits and Software Sculptors trailers.

It's actually quite entertaining and if you are in a mood to watch something unusual, funnier and more entertaining than "South Park", this anime is definitely for you!  


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