DISTRIBUTED BY Manga Entertainment
DVD reviewed by Dennis A. Amith
DIRECTED BY: Atsutoshi Umezawa
TYPE OF MOVIE: Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure
DURATION: 60 minutes

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Anime Synopsis:

Meet Mikami - the SEXY leader of one of Japan's most successful independent ghost-busting agencies. Together with her eclectic team of excorcists, she's prepared to do battle with any supernatural adversary - but only for the right price.

When an ancient spirit enlists her aid to deal with a re-incarnated foe, Mikami gets more than she bargained for. As the wicked Nosferatu - a vampire lord able to absorve the very life essence of his victims - begins to turn the city's inhabitants into mindless zombies, Mikami's team must race against time to save Tokyo from destruction.

Watch the Ultimate Vampire Slayer in this fast, fun and furious supernatural action-adventure.


Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)
 Color, Animated
Character bios & Photo gallery

KNOWN DVD SECRET(S): None that I know of


I first watched "Ghost Sweeper Mikami" back in 1994 and the first episodes of the TV series were humorous and I enjoyed it a lot.

The television series introduced a a money loving ghost-demon-vamprie hunter named Mikami and in each episode we get to know more about her and each member of her team that joins her for each case.

This is what I enjoyed about the television series is the fact that you got a chance to grow with the characters and fully enjoy the series because it is a humorous series and quite fun.

Almost a decade later, the DVD of the series is finally released in the US but not the release that I was expecting.

"Ghost Sweeper Mikami" features the final two episodes of the anime television series and what I enjoyed the series for, the ability to grow and enjoy the characters has been removed from this series.

What you see is a group of people assisting Mikami going against Nosferatu. No one knows about the other characters and why they act the way they do and thus my feeling is that people who watch this are not really going to get it.

Hopefully Manga Entertainment will plan to release the series on DVD but with the final two TV episodes combined to make like a movie, just doesn't seem right without the proper background knowledge of the characters. Without it, you can't really appreciate this anime.

As for the DVD, since this was a TV series based in the early 90's, you can't expect top notch anime compared to movies or OAV's but you get to watch a series created by cels instead of the typical comptuer animation used in anime today.

As for audio, the digital 5.1 has an awesome track but since I'm a Japanese language purists, I rather watch the series in that format via English subtitles but I did switch time from time to hear the 5.1 track which was really good.

As for special features, there's a photo gallery and character bio information and of course the typical Manga trailers they include on every DVD.

All in all "Ghost Sweeper Mikami" is a great series that was intended for people to watch the television series and enjoy each character not by skipping to the end and then enjoying it. It just doesn't seem right. The series is quite entertaining but to watch the final two episodes, I'm not sure if the viewer who hasn't watched the previous episodes can truly enjoy or appreciate this entertaining series.