I have a dorama questionnaire and if possible, if you are a Japanese drama watcher.  Please fill the following out and e-mail me back your answers. Thank you - kndy

Note: Dollars are in US currency.

1)  Would you buy a Japanese drama with two episodes on VHS, subtitled in English for $24.99 (Yes or No):

2)  Would you buy a Japanese drama with four episodes on DVD, subtitled in English for $39.99 (Yes or No):

3)  Would you buy a  Japanese drama set (all episodes) for $200 or more on
VHS or DVD if subtitled in English? (Yes or No):

4)  Do you think 500 people would sign a drama petition for Japanese dramas to be released outside of Japan, subtitled in English?  ( Yes and No - if possible, why?)

5)  Would you buy a Japanese drama set if it was dubbed in English?  (Yes or No):

6)  Would you be upset and not buy a Japanese drama  if the opening and ending themes were changed/removed in an international release? (Yes or No):

7)  Do you feel that there are enough Japanese drama fans that can afford a 2 episode VHS for $24.99 or more or a DVD with four episodes for $39.99 or more?

8)  If the only way a drama can be released outside of Japan officially is only by a set instead of an individually price tape, would you spend $200 or more for that set may it be VHS or DVD?

9)  Do you think that Japanese drama fans outside of Japan would support an international/US release of Japanese dramas on tape?

10)  If a drama VHS tape is $24.99 for 2 episodes and $39.99 for 4 episodes on DVD and was released quarterly.  How many drama series do you think you can afford if released in a one year period?

a)  only 1 drama series
b)  2 drama series
c)  3 drama series
d)  4 drama series
e)  5 drama series

11) Please let us know your top five Japanese dramas you would love to see an official international release.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  For current results for this questionnaire, please click here.