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Love 2000 (2000-nen no Koi)

WHAT IS "LOVE 2000" ALL ABOUT?: Be prepared to make a date with the good old gogglebox as the hot new Japanese drama serial Love 2000 debuts Monday Asia-wide. Produced by Fuji TV, Love 2000 is a love-and-espionage drama starring Asia's most idolized pin-ups Takeshi Kaneshiro and Miho Nakayama.  The 11-parter tells the story of an intelligent but lovelorn systems engineer (Nakayama) who fell for a handsome and charismatic stranger (Kaneshiro) whom she believes to be a high-ranking Foreign Affairs guy.

In truth, he is actually a spy who is to execute someone who turns out to be his own biological father.  Secrecy and intrigue have long surrounded Love 2000. No advance footage was ever seen and the trailers did not even give a glimpse of the leads in the serial.    The reason behind such a gimmicky publicity stunt may be to thwart the VCD pirates. In a groundbreaking move, Love 2000 will be aired simultaneously throughout Asia. Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand will premiere each episode within hours of each other. It was even reported that the drama's still being filmed as it goes on air.  Gorgeous femme fatales, suave double agents, high-speed thrills and spills... let's see if Kaneshiro will be able to top the other famous spy's feats.  Love 2000 airs Monday, January 9, 2000

In an attempt to keep up with the changing times, the Fuji TV network has come up with 2000-nen no Koi (Mondays at 9 p.m.). Finally we have a local drama that looks at the wave of the future--computer specialists and international terrorists. Let us hope the relative ease with which both stars--systems engineer Miho Nakayama and international terrorist Takeshi Kaneshiro--zip in and out of the Foreign Ministry is a purely fictional touch.  It seems Kaneshiro's father has slipped out of an Asian country with secrets of some sort. The Japanese are providing asylum and his own sons have been sent over to Japan to kill him. Kaneshiro's brother ends up sacrificing himself in the woods outside Narita and Kaneshiro is left to carry out the crime. To do so, he needs a Foreign Ministry file on his father's whereabouts and systems engineer Miho holds the password. In the process, he begins to fall for Miho and she for him, the exotic stranger with the Foreign Ministry ID card who really seems to understand issues like hunger
and waste. The first episode was riveting enough. The challenge, of course, is to find a drama that can mesmerize for a full 11 weeks and there are not too many candidates for that honor thus far.

STARRING: Nakayama Miho, Kaneshiro Takeshi, Nakama Yukie, Azuma Mikihisa, Miyazawa Kazufumi, Fayray, Murata Mitsuru, Johnny Yoshinaga, Tachikawa Masashi, Harada Shuichi
THEME SONG: Do As Infinity "Yesterday & Today"
January 9, 2000 through March 2000


I'm sure they meant well and the hype generated in the beginning was understandable because of the stars in this drama.  Unfortunately, this drama is eye-candy and many people who saw this abandoned it mid-way.  Those who stuck through it all enjoyed it but this drama was against "Beautiful Life" and other popular dramas.  It just doesn't matter, it's all eye-candy with an average suspense story.-KNDY

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