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Hana no Ran (Flower Insurrection)

[Excerpt from Channel Views, Japan Times, October 17, 2005]: More marital intrigue is promised in the latest of Fuji TV's "O-oku" series, which is about the concubines who served the shogunate during the Edo Period.

The latest series, titled "Hana no Ran (Flower Insurrection)" (Thursday, 10 p.m.), is about Yasuko (Rina Uchiyama), a samurai's wife who catches the eye of the fifth shogun, Tokugawa Tsunayoshi. Tsunayoshi, who has already had his way with Yasuko's mother, has Yasuko installed in the women's quarters of Edo Castle as his newest concubine. She is immediately made uncomfortable by another concubine, Oden (Eiko Koike), who has an advantage over the others because she has borne the shogun two children, one of whom is a boy. Oden feels threatened by Yasuko, and so is the shogun's wife, Nobuko (Norika Fujiwara). Though Nobuko has no children and has more to fear from Oden, she joins forces with her to keep Yasuko in her place.

STARRING: Uchiyama Rina, Koike Eiko, Fujiwara Norika
Theme Song:  
DURATION: October through December 2005

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