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Here are a few questions that we are frequently asked here at J!-ENT:

  • How are people watching Japanese doramas?

A few ways actually.  People can watch them through their international channels and another popular alternative is to go to Japanese video rental stores.  For those who don't have either trade with other drama fans throughout the world. Lately, people are buying VCD's from Asian stores or downloading them from fans off the net.

  • How do I get in touch with people who I can trade or obtain Japanese dramas?

A popular way is to join the J-ENT or DORAMA Mailing Lists.  Another way to get Japanese dramas is through trading clubs such as THE JAPANESE DORAMA TRADING CLUB.

  • Why aren't there hardly anymore Japanese subtitled dramas on the international channels?

We have read a few reasons.  One being that the companies decided to save money and focus on the Japanese-speaking audience.  The other is that there was a union dispute.  

  • Where can I find synopsis to Japanese doramas?

I stopped writing synopsis for dramas back in the late-90's but you can find other synopsis at this website:  Directory of Japanese Drama Synopsis.

  • Do you sell Japanese dramas?

Nope. You can find them from Japanese online stores, ebay or VCD's from Asian VCD stores.

  • Why don't you include NHK dramas in your database?

We decided to focus on "trendy" dramas (dramas starring popular actors and actresses that are 10-12 episodes are are on FUJI TV, TBS, NTV, TV ASAHI and sometimes TOKYO TV).  NHK dramas last over 50 episodes and are quite long.  

  • Will you ever include NHK dramas on your database?

I don't mind including it if someone wants to write a brief synopsis and review.

  • Why don't dorama soundtracks carry the theme song?

Remember that in Japan, CD singles are more important than albums.  Therefore, they want you to buy the CD singles for the theme songs.  The albums will carry the theme music.  Sometimes though, music with vocals are on super popular dorama soundtracks like "Long Vacation" and "Love Generation" but not the main theme song but the other songs with vocals.  If you hear that somebody does have a soundtrack with the theme song, more than likely it's from somewhere in Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong).

  • Why do you say DORAMA and not DRAMA?

do-ra-ma is the romanization for the word drama in Japanese kana.

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