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Ai to Iu Nano Moto Ni  (In the name of love)

1992 dorama starring Honami Suzuki (teacher) and Yousuke Eguchi. The English title was "In the Name of Love" and it was one of the first doramas I ever saw. I saw it in New York in 1993. Honami's character was a teacher by the name of Takako Fujiki who was engaged to be married to Kengo,(Toshiaki Karawsawa) son of a prominent M.P. Yousuke Eguchi's character, the happy-go-lucky Tokio, was the Kengo's rival for Takako's affections. They were all college classmates. Tokio and Kengo were part of the school's rowing team with Kengo being their leader. Up to the last five minutes of the final episode, it was one of the finest doramas I had ever seen, but the ending was a major.......Yes,it was a circle of seven friends who went to college together. The four guys in the group were members of their school rowing team. Their leader was Kengo (Toshiaki Karasawa), the bright, ambitious son of a distinguished politician. Youske Eguchi was the happy-go-lucky character, Tokio, who after graduation left for America only to come back to Japan three years later. Honami played a high school teacher, Takako Fujiki, who later became engaged to Kengo. I must admit, they were a terrific looking couple! During their college days, both Kengo and Tokio were rivals for Takako's affections although she somehow didn't seem aware of it at the time.  Guess what happened to Kengo and Takako in the finale!

STARRING: Suzuki Honami, Eguchi Yousuke, Karasawa Toshiaki, Douguichi Yoriko, Ishibashi Tamotsu, Nakajima Hiromi, Morimoto Leo, Natsukawa Yui, Fukatsu Eri and more.
"Kanashimi wa Yuki no You ni" by Hamada Shogo
DURATION: I believe there were 11 episodes which started in 1992.

Well, it was good until.....Let's just say that if the ending was what everyone wanted...this could of been a highly recommended drama. - Shion

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